"A & P Films, the directing team behind Streets of Vengeance, have just released the first images from their latest project, Slashlorette Party! The 80s styles lighting and costuming of the movie is brought to life by cinematographer by Dan Zampa and producer/art director Angelica De Alba.
The film stars Molly Souza, Andrew Brown, Brooke Morris, Nina Lanee Kent, Robert Holloway and features Pool Party Massacre director Drew Marvick and the legendary Ginger Lynn Allen..."

Also starring in ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ is Andrew Brown in the pivotal role of Tom Joad. The recently paroled son joins his family on the 2000 mile trek to California in search of work and a new life. Brown said that he is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this show. He said that the role of Tom is “awesome” and awe inspiring.
“His is a story of internal struggles against a background of external strife,” Brown said.
Brown, who has several credits to his name already, has been performing since his junior year of high school and enjoys working with director Souza. His twin brother, Garrett, who also started acting in his junior year at Oakdale High School, appears in several supporting roles and said that it has been “a lot of fun working with so many actors from Oakdale.”
"The Prospect production stars Jenni Abbott as Brandt; Roni Espinoza as Clara; Andrew Kelly Brown as Mike, a nurse who joins the pair on the trip and Karen Olsen as Gertie, a librarian at the Bonn library. Prospect founder Jack Souza plays Beethoven; Michael Hewitt is Diabelli; and Carl Bengston is Beethoven’s assistant."

"Since November, Center Stage Conservatory has been taking steps towards making a devised theater project a reality. Traci Sprague, artistic director of Center Stage, invited a handful of writers to create a piece that used the intersection of different performance art mediums...The production features Andrew Brown, Summer Krafft, Delawna McKinney, Shane Meyers,  Flora Moon, Michael Mosley, and Renata Navarro as actors, and Morgan Loomis, Anthony Perez, Kevin Singleton, and Tabitha Stewart as dancers."
"Lynch has relocated the story from Paris to San Francisco’s Divisadero Street. Characters have been renamed after iconic places and people, like Sonora Sam and Laffing Sal. The cast of more than 20 features largely MJC [Modesto Junior College] students as well as a few local actors. They include Melissa Dawn, Shane Meyers, Nick Salvucci, Aida Rawls, Jesse Arnett, Erin Isaacs, Robin Bjerke and real-life twins Andrew Brown and Garrett Brown."

Colton Dennis is unfailingly reasonable as her brother Cleante, Andrew Brown is hot-headed as Orgon's son Damis, and Souza's daughter Molly Souza is sweetly emotional as Orgon's daughter Mariane.

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